Patagonia Huts has designed this adventure in Patagonia Park and Hiking in Monte San Lorenzo

It is an spectacular border crossing journey. To have a complete view of this bi-national flora & fauna restoration  project. One of the largest of its kind in the world.

And two days of hiking in San Lorenzo mountainous massif. Sleeping each night in our base camp.

Patagonia National Park Chile and Argentina

We start the trip in Chile Chico, driving back in time to the original Patagonia:

Walking around the rock formations in Monte Zeballos, besides the Meseta Buenos Aires on the Argentinian side.

Visiting the house of the British / Argentinenan pioneer of the region and the Information Centre of the Park.

Observing how the grasslands and wetlands of the Patagonian steppe have regenerated, and now are open spaces for guanaco herds. As well as lakes with flamingos and several birds.

Hiking Monte San Lorenzo

We continue to the Fundo San Lorenzo, where we will hike two half day routes:

The first up to the spectacular Monte massif, where the  Alberto de Agostini refuge is located.

The second is to viewpoints of Cordón Cochrane, one of the sights of Patagonia.

On the last day, we return to Chile Chico along the Carretera Austral. Driving besides the huge whitewaters of the most voluminous Chilean River and General Carrera Lake.  One of the most beautiful scenic roads in Patagonia.