This is a 5 days trekking program in the Backcountry of Patagonia National Park in Chile.

We will traverse a smuggling trail for gauchos in the past. Today a Trekking through the wildest area of the Park in Chile.


The trekking across the backcountry of Patagonia National Park, allows us to get to remote and outfitted basecamps with huts built exclusively by hand.  We will face superb landscapes which are the heart of this new destination in the southern cone of South America.

We start visiting “Valle Lunar”. Unique rock formations where it possible to observe native paintings inside the National Park .

The next day we drive through the steppe. In order to begin our trekking in the decidious forest and turquoise waters lakes, to get to the camp site.

The third day, we ascend to the glacier in front of the Hut Glaciar Camp, staying out there.

The following day, we look for the trails of smugglers of the past, descending through the forest to arrive to Hut Renoval Camp.

Finally we, use rope systems to cross rivers and walk around a trail full of history and evergreen nature, to get back to town.

Skilled trekkers can find solitude, all the challenging off-trail travel they can handle, plus wildlife, forest, mountains, and glacial lakes galore…In the park’s northern area, is the starting point for a challenging, unmarked, several-day loop across rivers (running fast and cold with glacial melt in spring), grasslands, bogs, and glacial passes that eventually travels through Valle Hermoso.

Backpacker Magazine


In order to access to our base camp in Chile Chico. During this trip, you will also ferry the big lake, hike the Lunar Valley short trail that highlights surreal and old geological formations, and visit ancient cave art.

We  can help with your connections to continue your trip from this point.

Patagonia Huts also offer the Patagonia National Park Journey to fully experince this new destination.