Monte San Lorenzo is the largest mountainous massif in the area, beyond the Patagonian Ice Cap.

The moutain is surrounded by a unique environment of rivers and forests. The summit is the border, and the objective of expeditions that go into the Río Oro valley in Argentina to reach it from Chile.

That spot is where the famous priest and explorer Alberto De Agostini summited the mountain for the first time, after years of exploration.

Access to the massif, allows spectacular walks and views:

From the northwest it is possible to view the mountain in its fullness, knowing the remains of the shelter that the priest built, and where there is now a hut.

Penetrating a southern valley to appreciate the Cordón Cochrane, with several and beautiful hanging glaciers.

Both views are ones of the more impresive of Patagonia.




Driving south from Cochrane and taking a detour from Carretera Austral, it is possible to reach the Calluqueo Glacier viewpoint.

Following that path, you will find Fundo San Lorenzo, a ranch owned by the Soto Family.

There is a fully equipped Camp from which you can hire horseback riding or trekking guided by the family to the Refugio De Agostini, as well as to the Cordón Cochrane.