Bikepacking Carretera Austral

In the world of outdoor adventures, there exists a quiet revolution in the way we explore the world on two wheels. It’s called “Bikepacking,” and it’s more than just cycling; It transcends the typical hum of city rides and well-trodden cycling paths and takes your desire for the open road to a whole new level.

Unlike traditional cycling, bikepacking is self-sufficiency. It’s about You on a rugged bicycle with the essentials, from camping gear to sustenance, and venturing where the pavements end into the wilderness. It’s a blend of biking and backpacking, guided only by your sense of adventure.

Over the years many have come to Campamento Ñandú Hostel with the desire to cycle the Carretera Austral. But down here experts face the problem of the strong wind that challenges their schedules, and novices are scared with the commitment of long…long distances for this undertaking.

Embark on a Bikepacking Bi-National Adventure in Patagonia Park:

Explore the untamed beauty of the west of Lago Buenos Aires Plateau and Monte Zeballos Massif nestled in the heart of Patagonia Park Argentina by choosing route 41 rather than facing strong winds westward from Chile Chico on the Carrtera Austral.

And then ride back in time to the original Patagonia coming back to Chile, through Roballos Pass. Observing how the grasslands and wetlands of the Patagonian steppe have regenerated, and now are open spaces for guanaco herds and lakes with flamingos and other birds in Chacabuco Valley.

As expert you can do as Nicholas Niddre @nicknidd ad his father John @johnniddrie who venture all the way to Villa O’Higgins…

“We crossed into Argentina near Chile Chico to start a new section of our trip that followed the border route 41 south that took us through 3 days of some wild remote country and Mt. Zeballos thanks to Campamento Ñandu for recommending this route” @johnniddrie

“A total grind up route 41 in Argentina. Pretty incredible views and have lucked out with the weather…Some gauchos we met on the road let us to use their cook house to sleep in the first night and loaded us up with some eggs for the road…” @nicknidd 

“Parque Patagonia Chacabuco Valley awesome ride & views….Thanks for protecting these important steppe grasslands and wildlife. Definitely one of the highlights of our trip…” @johnniddrie

As a newbie you can embark on a bikepacking adventure closing the loop through El Furioso Trail. A five to seven days’ adventure of almost 300 kms.

We will embrace in this new revolution in adventure, and let our two wheels carry us to the unknown, feeling the sense of freedom as we connect with nature to create memories that will last a lifetime.