Adventures in Northern Patagonia

Happiness is a path that we build, elaborating positive emotions and processing negative ones. Achieving a good state of mind and satisfaction with the way we face challenges emotionally, as well as physically.

We invite you to develop that passion in your life, building healthy relationships and learning by doing. Stop thinking about what you are going to lose with the changes we are experiencing, but what we might gain by preparing for something different: A Regenerative Future

Clean Climbing, Trekking and Mountaineering in Patagonia

We invite you to experience a real adventure in one of the last wild places on earth and that very few people have the chance to visit. An experience based on the traverse of valleys and climb the mountains of the Patagonia National Park.

The ECO Adventure Experience

The trip is made of two modular adventures, which you can experience independently:


The Clean Climbing of Cerro Colorado

Patagonia Huts has designed 4 days training experience for you in Cerro Colorado, to have the full clean climbing experience of this famous basalt wall in Patagonia National Park.

This is a 100% fully experiential adventure that prepares you with the fundamentals to safely challenge yourself in any crack.

Techniques you will practice:

  • Climbing Expedition Planning and Setting
  • Climbing movement, basic, cracks/doulfer/opposition/chimney/hands/fingers
  • Belay techniques, Single pitch and Multi-pich (top rope, lead)
  • Knots and rope handling
  • Anchors and protections
  • Rope descents techniques
  • Commands belayer/climber

No previous climbing experience is necesary, but a good aerobic and muscular fitness is needed.


This is a ECO/ Adventure expedition across the Patagonian backcountry that will allow us to get to remote and outfitted basecamps. We will have  a mountaineering experince on glacier terrain, facing superb landscapes which are the heart of the Park. The Traverse last for 7 days, 5 of them in the park.

Techniques you will practice:

  • Expedition Planning
  • First aid / First response – Decision making
  • Clothing and thermal conditions workshop
  • Backpack setting
  • Wilderness orientation
  • Alpine mountaineering: how to move safely on a glacier with campons and ropes
  • We will live Ecosistemic principles