Exploring the Park Secret Places


Beyond Chacabuco Valley and Jeinimeni Lake, Patagonia National Park hides secrets in its Chilean northern area — put out of sight landscapes waiting to be discovered.

Chacabuco valley allow you to witness the transformative regeneration of Patagonian grasslands and wetlands. The once barren steppe now teems with guanaco herds, while lakes play host to the vibrant of flamingos and diverse birdlife. Jeinimeni Lake is the gateway to a paradise for skilled trekkers where they can find solitude, all the challenging off-trail travel they can handle, plus wildlife, forest, mountains, and glacial lakes galore. As Backpaker Magazine said a while ago…

Yet, some true treasures lie in the northern reaches, where Patagonia National Park converges with the vast General Carrera Lake. Close to Chile Chico, embark on a hike through geological wonders—rock formations predating the Andes. Together with Cerro Colorado, built with prism-shaped basalt-like columns, echoing tales of ancient landscapes and fossil-laden grounds.

Patagonia Huts beckons you to add a one or two-day hike to the Smugglers’ Trail Trek, immersing yourself in the Gaucho Experience or even climb the stunning Cerro Colorado. The call of undiscovered beauty awaits.


Gaucho Experience Patagonia National Park
Gaucho Experience Patagonia National Park


Come and experience an adventure in the true Patagonia that you have always imagined!