Patagonia National Park Where Nature & Minds Meet

For years High Mountain Institute has providing life-changing experiences for students in Patagonia National Park. Where Nature & Minds Meet. Combining wilderness and intellectual pursuits with Its GAP Program. Totally aligned with our Company Statement: they are Futuring the Wild 🌪.

Every season, the students and instructors arrive to Campamento Ñandú in Chile Chico to get ready to jump into Wilderness education in Patagonia National Park. That it isn’t a typical learning experience. It’s a journey into the one of the last wild places on Earth, full of lessons and moments of revelations, hiking through ancient forests and observing geological wonders, immersing in diverse ecosystems.…🙋🏽

Despite the challenging navigation, we enjoyed the many wonders of Patagonia, ranging from condors flying mere feet overhead as we trekked across windy ridges and grassy plains to majestic glacial lakes (which looked suspiciously similar to giant pools of Arctic Freeze Gatorade… but we digress)….HMI GAP Trekking Program 2019

Young students are not the unique who embarks on an expedition that offers not only a profound connection with nature, but also an intellectual growth, where the curriculum is the landscape itself.🌄🐾

Come and experience an adventure in the true Patagonia that you have always imagined!